• "We are what we repeatedly do.

    Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


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    1. Consultancy. Digital and IoT.
    2. Sales, project management.
    3. Venture capital & entrepreneurship.


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    The meeting point of unconventional proffesionals.

    If you are born between 1985-2000, and you are a talented professional: probably you are already part of Odder. If not, let me introduce you to them:

    • Odder is the community of one entire generation. An exclusive space for networking with the most brilliant, different and unique people in Barcelona

    So... If you want to know more and connect with influential top talent people while you help and boost youth Here.

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  • Who am I?

    Just a man, no more or no less. Not even half the person I want to be.

    Analyst in @Seedstars. Founder @weareodder. Dreamer.

    1. Experience analyzing technology in emerging markets (+90 countries ).
    2. Founder Odder, Spain's biggest young talent community, with some of the brightest young people in Spain. Almost all forbes30under30 are in the platform.
    3. I have reviewed high-tech business models in the European Commission.
    4. Internet of things expertise being part of the team that created MIIMETIQ (one of the best Internet of things SaaS solutions in Europe).
    5. Winner of Startify IoT (+150 candidates) and winner of Imagine Silicon Valley (+3000 candidates).


    Create impact.

    Change the world!

    I've born in a humble family in Reus (Catalonia).


    Son of a teacher and a social educator I've been always in contact with education. That's why I've always been involved with non profit and social work.


    Always improving. Creating a life that feels good on the inside.


    Two degrees to

    connect with reality.

    In 2011 I decided to move to the big city: Barcelona.

    Even though we didn't have many resources I decided to move when I was eighteen years old


    Working at the same time (Lead Solution, AIESEC and Nexiona). I studied two degrees: Law and BBA.


    Internet of things

    and hi-tech.

    In 2014, I met a mentor Oriol Rius, who explained me how much I could learn from connecting with myself, emotional intelligence and GTD (getting things done).


    He introduced me to the world of innovation and new technologies and I ended working with him in Internet of Things.


    Social vision and entrepreneurship.

    I participate as investor and adviser for some companies as Unblur, Grou, Factura Música and Pump it Nanotech.


    I've been living in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Currently I work in Seedstars, contest for startups in emerging markets.


    In 2015 we founded Odder and Gaman Ventures in 2017.

  • Prizes and recognitions:

    Imagine Silicon Valley

    +3000 aplications worldwide, only 3 canidadates ended up being selected.

    Prizes and recognitions:

    Startify IoT Winner

    Prize, IoT summit: Startify, European Commission, Horizon2020 project.

    Prizes and recognitions:

    Semifinals Unilerver Leader's league

    Selected over 300 candidates in Spain.

    Prizes and recognitions:

    Selected in Akademia

    Emotional education grant for extraordinary youth.

    Prizes and recognitions:

    Best finantial contribution

    AIESEC recognize our team as the best one and gave us prizes regarding our sales increase and finantial management.

  • NUM83R5 & M3TR1C5

    I let results speak for themselves.


    University in Spain: UAB




    Countries visited


    anual return in 2016


    Sales growth


    Investment anual return in 2016


    Papers #IoT and technology


    Contacts in my network

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  • Eloy López del Rio (Hays)

    Dario is a really valuable individual. Analytical, results oriented, confident and with great communication skills he has been able to achieve his goals and deliver on time everything he was responsible for during the period of time I had the chance to supervise him.

    Dario is a non-stop quick learner that knows how to make the questions that matter in order to create business value out of them.

    Maria Fernanda (MOCA)

    I was collaborating professionally with Dario for a few months when we contracted him.

    We gave him an objective and he get it very quickly. I was impressed by his strong and safe character and his willingness to do things in the best possible way.

    He is passionate and fight for what he wants.

    Clearly Dario is a person of high impact in any organization.


    Daniel Torres Mancera (EOI)

    Dario is unique. In every sense. He is an exceptional person with innate skills for personal and institutional relationships. And all these qualities, combined with the enthusiasm, energy and a capacity of work and effort. A capacity very hard to find nowadays.

    Dario is a person for whom any limits describing fall short before realizing.

  • My superheroes

    People who inspire and mentor me!

    Oriol Rius

    Neus Domenech

    Narcis Francas

    Kiko Germain

    Rosaura Alastruey

    Borja Vilaseca

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