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  • Values


    1. Networking: Helping without expecting.

    My main learning point in life has been giving without expecting anything in return. Why?

    Because everything comes back, and If my network grows, I'll also grow afterwards.

    Time puts everything in its place.

    2. Attitude: How do you want to be remembered?

    People are bulbs. Some go around lighting at 30.000 watts and others just go off.

    Which bulb do you want to be?

    How do you want to make others feel?

    Light or gloom. Is your choice.

    3. Transcendence: Why?

    Do things that matter. Not simple superficial jobs.

    Impact in other everyday showing them how the world can be improved.

    Do everything for a big meaning. Your big meaning.

    4. Integrity: Being dishonest is just too tiresome.

    There's no better feeling of going to sleep knowing you did great. Great job. Great impact.

    Knowing you did what you said and said what you felt.


    "In every major career decision

    I started primarily for surrounding me with the smartest,

    most high-integrity people and organizations.

    I'm focusing on building deep, win-win relationships

    Less on being simply reaction oriented."

    Darío Villena

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